1. You can choose to complete the application in a single session or save it and come back later to complete the same. You will need to use the username and password sent to your email id to access the application again and complete and submit it.
  2. Guidelines to fill the online application form are shared below. The detailed terms and conditions for participation in the program are available here.
  3. For six categories – Startup of the Year, Comeback Kid, Women Ahead, Best in Campus, Social Impact and Top innovation – information is sought under seven heads:
    1. BRIEF OF THE COMPANY – This section seeks information about the startup, date of incorporation and origin of the startup and the educational and professional background of the founder(s).
    2. BUSINESS MODEL – This section seeks information on the business model, offerings and the geographical footprint of the startup.
    3. BUSINESS ECONOMICS AND FUTURE MOMENTUM – This section seeks to understand the target market, its size, funding, current financial health and projections.
    4. ORIGINALITY, DISRUPTION AND INNOVATION – To understand the competitive landscape for the startup, its unique value proposition and innovation.
    5. CUSTOMER FOCUS – Explanation of the customer need that is being addressed, along with any relevant customer stories/case-studies.
    6. MARKET VISIBILITY – Any media coverage, recognition, social-media following et al.
    7. CONTACT DETAILS – Share contact details of the CEO / Founder that evaluators can contact for any additional information. Kindly share mobile numbers.
  4. It is advised that if you wish to complete the form over multiple sessions you click on “save and exit” before exiting the form.
  5. Once you have completed the form, please click on “Submit”. Failure to do so may classify your application as ‘incomplete’ and hence, not taken forward for evaluation.
  6. Please answer all questions in each section. Failure to do so will disqualify your application from the program. Where you are unable to provide information, or only scant data, please write the reason, or mention “NA” or Not Applicable” in text boxes or “0” or “Zero” in case of numerical values. Do not leave any blank fields.
  7. At the same time, please do not exceed the word limit wherever applicable. This is a computer-managed system, so we won’t be able to extract data beyond prescribed word limits.
  8. The ‘Midas Touch’ category is for investors.
  9. The Application to ‘Comeback Kid’ category requires information on the failed startup and current startup.