March 10, 2017
Ather Energy
March 10, 2017


AgroStar is a mobile commerce platform through which farmers can procure raw material by giving a simple missed call or through the startup’s mobile application, which it launched in June. Already, at least 40,000 farmers in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan are active on the app. For rural Indian farmers, the main hurdles are product unavailability, unfair pricing, substandard quality and a lack of real-time information, all of which AgroStar addresses. The startup has partnered with more than 150 brands including multinational companies such as Syngenta to provide raw materials, seeds, fertilizers and other agricultural inputs. Farmers purchase goods at market price and are assured of quality and doorstep delivery services. The company also provides real-time information and assistance through its app to help farmers increase yields. Since its launch, AgroStar has served at least 700,000 farmers across Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

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