March 10, 2017

Portea Medical

Meena Ganesh is managing director of healthcare startup Portea Medical, which she cofounded in July 2013. The company has 4,500+ employees and operates in 20 cities in India. Portea offers a range of geriatric, chronic and post-operative care services to patients in their homes. Ganesh has almost three decades of experience across varied industries, including healthcare, consulting, technology, outsourcing, education and ecommerce. Until February 2013, she was a promoter and board member of TutorVista, which included Edurite, a provider of technology-based solutions and digital content. TutorVista was acquired by Pearson, the education services company, for $213 million.

As partner of the platform, she is also co-promoter of almost a dozen startups, including, the e-grocery retailer; Home Lane, the home solutions startup; FreshMenu, the food-tech startup, and, the online jeweler. She also serves as a member of the board of directors of and Earlier, Ganesh set up the Tesco Hindustan Service Center and served as its CEO. Before Tesco‚ she cofounded Customer Asset, a BPO company that was sold to ICICI OneSource.

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